EnviSense CO2 Monitor and data logger

Buy a CO2 meter to always be sure of healthy indoor air. In addition to CO2, the EnviSense also measures relative humidity (RH) and temperature. Includes CO2 traffic light and free digital dashboard. With this, you are always aware of the indoor climate and you know when you need to ventilate.

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Met de EnviSense CO2 meter kunt u altijd zeker zijn van gezonde binnenlucht. Naast CO2 wordt ook de relatieve luchtvochtigheid (RH) en temperatuur gemeten. Inclusief log-functie van alle eerder gemeten waarden. Op deze manier bent u altijd op de hoogte van uw binnenklimaat en weet u wanneer er geventileerd moet worden.

With the EnviSense CO2 meter, you can always be sure of healthy indoor air. Besides CO2, the relative humidity (RH) and temperature is also measured. Including log function of all previously measured values. In this way, you are always aware of your indoor climate and you know when to ventilate.

The EnviSense CO2 meter is easy to use and by ventilating at the right time you prevent poor air quality in your living space. The CO2 meter displays carbon dioxide levels, temperature and humidity via a clear display and is therefore suitable for quick measurements at home or in the office as well as in schools or nurseries!

With traffic light function

The CO2 meter is equipped with LCD display and 3 LEDs in the colours green, yellow and red. These are the indicators for the present carbon dioxide content. The CO2 content is measured in parts per million, the humidity in percent and the temperature in degrees Celsius (or Fahrenheit). If the carbon dioxide content is too high, an alarm will go off, which you can set yourself and switch on or off. The graph on the display shows the progress of the carbon dioxide content, so you can see how the value has changed over the past minutes, hours or days. This can be set using the buttons on the unit.
Note: The buttons do not need to be pressed, the monitor already responds when you place your finger on the button!

Place the CO2 meter at table height in a place where it is not directly breathed in, at least 1.5 metres from an open window or door, or hang it on the wall. The device is suitable for a room up to ± 100 m2. When the sensor is switched on for the first time, it will need some time to calibrate itself properly. The carbon dioxide meter is self-calibrating and self-learning and will therefore become more accurate when switched on for a longer period of time.

The EnviSense CO2 meter operates continuously on electric power, therefore the monitor is not wireless. The device calibrates itself automatically and is provided with 3 colour codes. In order to achieve the highest accuracy the carbon dioxide meter works with a high quality NDIR sensor.

The monitor is supplied with a 1 metre cable including euro plug. Both are white in colour. EnviSense gives a 3 year warranty on the carbon dioxide monitor.

Data logger

The EnviSense CO2 monitor is equipped with a data logger. All data is stored with it. This means that the history of CO2, temperature and humidity levels is stored.

In order to view the data easily, the EnviSense dashboard has been developed. To use the dashboard, the monitor has to be connected to the computer woth the supplied USB cable. All measured data is saved in a .csv file (the data can also be read using the excel file, if desired), which you can then upload into the dashboard. In this dashboard, it is possible to select the date range, and to choose between an hourly, daily or monthly view. The CO2 monitor can of course also be used without a digital dashboard. This is just a free addition that has been developed for your convenience.

What makes this dashboard unique is that you do not incur any subscription costs and do not need any apps or WiFi to use it.

Tip: Press enter twice so that the backlight stays on permanently.


All historical data can be viewed via a simple and unique dashboard
Dashboard is free: no subscription fees, apps or WiFi required
Measures CO2, temperature and humidity
Coloured LED indicators CO2 level (green, orange, red)
Variable time zoom graphs
Large display
Backlight can be permanently on
Slide design for easy reading
Touch button operation
Automatic and manual calibration
High quality NDIR sensor
Date and time display
Excellent air quality indication
Alarm set as desired
With CE mark
3 years warranty

Technical specifications

Width   120 mm
Height   90 mm
Depth   35 mm
Connection   Mini-USB to USB with 230V adapter
Cable length   1 meter
Startup time   30 seconds countdown
Operating humidity   Between 0% – 95% (not-condensed)
Suitable for CO2 measurement   Yes
Suitable for humidity measurement   Yes
Suitable for temperature measurement   Yes
Measuring range CO2   0 – 5.000 ppm
Measuring range humidity   5% – 95% RH
Measuring range temperature   0°C – 50°C
Operating temperature   0°C – 50°C
Storage temperature   -20°C – 60°C
Power supply   5 V DC via USB-port
Weight   170 grams
Warranty   3 years

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