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What we at EnviSense think is most important is that a healthy indoor climate can be achieved anytime and anywhere by being aware of the quality of the indoor air. The quality of the indoor climate has a huge impact on your health and that of the people around you. Poor ventilation and a too high CO2 level often cause concentration problems at first. Then you notice that you get headaches, get tired and feel drowsy. Further health problems such as worsening asthma or allergies are lurking.

EnviSense, expert in the field of indoor climate with years of experience and expertise in clean air and ventilation. To measure clean air it is best to use a CO2 meter; the CO2 content is a good indicator of air quality. For this reason we have carefully developed the EnviSense CO2 monitor.

After many tests we have been able to develop a good end product that we sell with confidence. The values are very accurate and therefore give a reliable impression of the indoor climate and therefore the quality of the ventilation. Just like a thermostat, a CO2 meter should be present in every house and building as standard, because in addition to being pleasant, the indoor climate should also be healthy. As soon as this is not the case, you can take immediate action by opening windows and doors or ventilate more, in order to ensure that you are in a healthy environment.

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