Policy statement

EnviSense’s policy is characterised by spearheads such as respect, appreciation, health, welfare, safety, security and quality. EnviSense will make its employees as aware as possible of the applicable rules in the field of quality, safety, security and health, while not losing sight of environmental aspects. To implement this, EnviSense has drawn up the following policy rules:

    • Carrying out the work as agreed with our clients in such a way that our clients experience a positive feeling as a direct result of the quality of products and services provided by EnviSense;
    • EnviSense observes all legal regulations in the field of safety, security, health, welfare, environment and social legislation;
    • By making an inventory of the working environment and working conditions, EnviSense tries to make the best possible assessment of possible risks in order to optimise workplace safety and prevent personal injury, material and environmental damage;
    • Safety, security, health, welfare and the environment EnviSense tries to keep open communication open at all times;
    • EnviSense attaches great importance to periodic evaluation of the quality of its services with both its clients and its employees;
    • EnviSense continuously strives to improve safety, health, welfare and the environment by and for our employees;
    • EnviSense has set up a quality management system that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The management of EnviSense will ensure that the above is strictly adhered to. EnviSense offers its employees the opportunity to contribute its vision in the areas of safety, security, health, welfare and the environment. Where possible, EnviSense works to improve processes.

All employees must support this policy on the basis of their own responsibility. This requires good cooperation and continuous commitment and involvement from all of us. The Board of Directors and the management serve as an example in this respect.

This policy will be further explained and incorporated in the procedures and covers all activities of all EnviSense employees. The policy statement will be evaluated annually.

EnviSense Board of Directors

Sebas van Vugt

Date: 01-11-2020