Never before has there been so much to do about room ventilation. This has everything to do with COVID-19. The risk of getting infected indoors is considerably higher than outdoors, which is why there is a great demand for sufficient and good ventilation systems in schools, offices and public buildings, but also in homes.

Ventilation is often done by opening windows and by means of ventilation systems. But how do you know for sure whether the ventilation is sufficient, how do you know whether each individual room receives the desired amounts of fresh air, how do you know when to open a window extra, or when to make the systems work harder?

CO2 measurements are an excellent indicator of overall air quality. By means of easy-to-install CO2 meters, the air quality can be closely monitored at any time of the day, in any room. This way, quick action can be taken where necessary and a safe living, study and working environment can be guaranteed anywhere, anytime.

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