After purchasing the EnviSense CO2 meter, you may have some questions. To help you, here are the most frequently asked questions and their answers. Is your question not here? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Where should I place the EnviSense CO2 monitor?

The CO2 meter measures the concentration at the point where the sensor is placed. This concentration can vary in different places within a room. We therefore recommend the following:

  • Place the monitor at table height, not on the floor or wall;
  • At least 1.5 – 2 metres from the wall or window;
  • A room of maximum 100 m2;
  • Not in a place where people breathe directly in, such as right in front of the face on a desk.

How does the automatic calibration of EnviSense work?

The EnviSense has Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC). This means that the EnviSense calibrates itself to the correct values. When the device is switched on, it measures the lowest value over a certain period of time. The lowest value will usually occur when there are no people present and so there is a CO2 quantity in the air that is comparable to the outside air. During a 7-day period, it will adjust the zero point (400 ppm) in the EnviSense to the lowest value measured each time. It assumes this to be 400 ppm CO2, which is a normal value for outdoor air. This makes the device smarter and better able to indicate when it is necessary to ventilate. The EnviSense remembers this value even when the power is briefly interrupted. This makes it no problem to move the EnviSense around the house, for example.

How does the manual calibration of EnviSense work?

Calibration of the EnviSense CO2 monitor is performed in the following manner:

  1. Leave the EnviSense in an open window or outside for at least 20 minutes and make sure the displayed CO2 value is stable.
  2. Go to the menu, navigate to the calibration icon and click enter
  3. When you see “400 ppm”, press the enter button for 3 seconds until you hear a beep.
  4. The display will now count down from 250 to 0.
  5. After the countdown, the device is calibrated to an outside air of 400 ppm.
  6. Leave the EnviSense in the same place in the open air for at least 10 minutes.
  7. The EnviSense is now ready to use. There is no need to recalibrate the device when turning it off and on.

What is the difference between repeatability and accuracy?

The accuracy of the EnviSense is how close the values are to the true value when measured once. The margin of the EnviSense is ±50 ppm or 5% (assume the highest). This means that the EnviSense can give a value between 350 and 450 ppm when the real value is 400 ppm.

The repeatability is how consistent the EnviSense is when we measure several times. The values of the 1st measurement should always be the same as the 2nd measurement, with a maximum deviation of 5%. So if we measure 1000ppm CO2 the first time, the second measurement should show between 950 and 1050ppm CO2.

In total, this means that the EnviSense can deviate from the true value by a maximum of 10%. However, these are very extreme values and hardly ever occur in practice.

Can the backlight of the display stay on continuously?

Yes, the backlight can be activated by tapping one of the buttons. If you then tap ‘enter’ twice, the backlight will stay on permanently. By tapping ‘enter’ twice more, the backlight goes off again. The screen can also be read without backlighting.

How much data can the Envisense CO2 Monitor and Datalogger store?

With the ‘Envisense CO2 Monitor and Datalogger’, the air quality in your home is displayed in a simple and clear way from the moment of setup. The data storage of the ‘Envisense CO2 Monitor and Datalogger’ is unlimited due to the large storage capacity of the product.

Important: Always make sure the correct date and time is set. The set date and time are stored in the data file.

How do I read out the CO2 values in the digital dashboard?

The EnviSense CO2 meter stores all measured values internally in an Excel file. Connecting the EnviSense monitor to the computer opens the ENVISENSE folder, in which you will find the Excel file. Go to Select and upload the Excel file at the top right. Then select the correct dates between which you want to view the values.

You can forward the Excel file, open it on any computer and upload it within the digital dashboard.

How safe is my data?

The EnviSense data logger does not contain any privacy-sensitive personal data in any way. The .cvs file uploaded into the dashboard is accessible only to you and is not stored in the EnviSense database.

View the disclaimer on the EnviSense website here.

Can I delete the data from my EnviSense monitor?

If you want to erase all data from your EnviSense monitor, just connect the monitor to your computer. Go to the file ‘EnviSense’, that will open automaticcaly also, and just delete the .csv file with the name ‘Datalog’. The EnviSense will create a new file when you use the monitor again.

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