The importance of ventilating, in the news

You can feel cool air, but clean air should be measured. A CO2 monitor, just like a thermostat, should be standard in every home and building. Besides a pleasant indoor climate, a healthy indoor climate is also very important. It has now been scientifically proven that exposure to excessively high CO2 concentrations in buildings is harmful. It’s time for action. More information about air quality in schools, ventilation and CO2 measurement can be found here:

“WHO confirms role of aerosols in coronavirus infection”

Duurzaam Gebouwd, 4 mei 2021

‘COVID-19 transmission is airborne: 10 key reasons why, what does it mean’

Financial express, 20 april 2021

‘Ventilation and COVID-19’
RIVM, 2 april 2021

‘Scientists’ cry for help: we are making the corona too comfortable at home and we can do something about it’

De Gelderlander, 18 januari 2021

‘Why CO2 monitors and indoor ventilation may be a key to curb COVID spread’

San Francisco Chronicle, 5 januari 2021

“Corona and the future of ventilation requirements.”

TVVL Connect, 21 september 2020

“CO2 sensors are a great help because they indicate that the air in a room has been used, thus increasing the risk of aerosol contamination.”

Jacob Simmank, Der Zeit, 15 Augustus 2020

“In buildings, CO2 monitors can help to see if the air is being refreshed properly.”

Donald Milton, CNN, 6 Juli 2020

“A well-ventilated space should ideally remain below 800ppm. Schools can easily check this limit in all their classrooms with a CO2 meter.”

Handreiking Coronavirus en Ventilatie, 18 augustus 2020

 “CO2 traffic lights can be used as an indicator of good or bad ventilation.”

Commission for Indoor Air Hygiene at the German Environment Agency, 13 augustus 2020

“A CO2 meter is a good indication, if the meter is above a certain value, you have to increase the ventilation.”

Marcel Loomans, Assistent Professor Eindhoven University of Technology, in Hart van Nederland, 6 juli 2020

“Install a CO2 monitor with traffic light indication at least in the classrooms in which ventilation depends on opening windows and/or grids.”

Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning associations, Guidance for schools, Augustus 2020

“The CO2 percentage is a good measure for pollution or insufficient ventilation of internal air climate and can easily be measured with intelligent sensors.”

ICT&Health, 27 juli 2020

“Social distancing works… and ventilation makes it better.”